Diane Wiredu is a Messaging Strategist and the founder of Lion Words.

She helps scaling SaaS and B2B companies achieve message-market fit. So they can stand out from the crowd, market more effectively, and sell more.

Simply put: she helps make the value of your products easier to understand. 

With over a decade working in localization and global comms, Diane is a master of making language work for you–not against you–and uses this to help businesses tell a story that resonates with customers and positions their product as the ideal choice. 

As a recovering translator and global citizen, she’s fluent in 4-ish languages. And when she’s not unpacking messaging strategy or writing high-converting copy — you’ll probably find her with a pair of dumbbells or a glass of Merlot in her hands (fortunately not at the same time).

Do you have message-market fit? 3 ways most messaging sucks and how to fix it

In saturated markets, the success of your product or service often hinges on your message cutting through the noise. So why does so much of our messaging suck and blend into the crowd?  – Because creating clear, compelling messaging is harder than it seems.

In this talk, Diane will show you how to create powerful, effective messaging that builds your brand and resonates with your audience – with practical examples, and actionable tips. Discover the 3 most common messaging mistakes companies make, the telltale signs, and how to fix them to ensure the value of your offer is crystal clear. You won’t just learn what works, but how, and why it matters.