Founder and CEO of Flying Cat Marketing, an SEO and content agency for B2B SaaS companies specializing in martech, salestech and HR tech. Her focus is on breaking the status quo for SEO, aligning it with the other growth departments in a company, and ensuring the work her agency does drives true business impact for her clients.

She began her career 13 years ago as a freelance consultant and writer, during which she worked with various tech companies and agencies. She’s always been interested in bringing more meaning to SEO content and aligning it with today’s B2B buyer’s needs.

Forget the algorithm – SEO for today and tomorrow

With AI technologies like Bard and the upcoming Search Generative Experience (SGE) fundamentally altering SEO strategies, marketers are at a crossroads. Google’s focus is shifting towards ‘Helpfulness’ as the core metric for content ranking, emphasizing the E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) framework.

In this 20-minute session, Maeva Cifuentes will explore the impact of these changes on content creators and SEO practitioners. Join us to:

– Gain insights into how to adapt and thrive in this new era
– Better understand the nuanced transformation in search behaviors as users adopt more natural language queries
– Discover how these factors create a volatile yet promising environment for modern SEO.