Proud and acclaimed international business thinker, communicator, and data strategist. Steen spent the last two decades being passionate about the potential of data, leadership, and building communities both around data champions and novices.

In 2001, he cofounded his first digital agency based on the core idea that digital needed to be business-centric and support the goals of the organization first. In 2005 he left it to cofound another agency because the first agency did not go deep enough into the data to fully activate the strategic potential.

16 years later IIH Nordic is still here; 50 people strong; 7 times winner of best Danish Analytics House, 4 times nominated as International Analytics Agency of the Year. Steen, personally 5 times, has been nominated as practitioner and industry influencer of the year by the Digital Analytics Association.

Campaign tracking and attribution – Tips, tricks and tactics

Everyone knows how to do campaign tracking, right? Wrong. Campaign tracking is impacted by new options and limitations and demands a new way of thinking, but it also increases the demands on the organization.

There have never been more ways to go wrong. In this session, we dive into the decisions that need to be made and explore how superior campaign monitoring can in turn generate superior results.