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  • More of everything

    AllWeb go regional!. We are returning to Mavrovo, this time in spring for this year’s event. We will welcome a great cohort of 12 international, regional, and local speakers!

  • Network

    This event brings together creative individuals, marketing people, entrepreneurs, designers, and developers from all over the world to learn and experience new stuff!

  • Online and with Invoice

    Tickets are available for purchase online and via Invoice. One purchase can include a max of 8 tickets. Tickets are limited in number and time. They will be available until 04.06.2024 or until they are sold out. Use the contact form to ask for a standard invoice.

  • Invoice and Tax
    The price includes VAT (18%). You will receive your invoice in MKD for your purchase. If you want to purchase via Albanian invoice make sure to note that in the Invoice request. 

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The prices include VAT (18%)