Digital transformation strategist whose clients include Fortune 500 companies, global and regional brands across multiple sectors, including telecommunications, government, pharmaceuticals, financial services, retail, tourism, FMCG (CPG), and advertising. Co-founder and President of Digitalizuj.Me. Program Director of Spark.me conference. Keynote speaker at 170+ conferences and corporate events in 24 countries across four continents, from Peru to Taiwan. Three-time TEDx speaker. Recognized as “Project Manager of the Year” by the Association of Montenegrin Managers. Has 12 years of experience teaching Strategic Management at the University of Montenegro.


The Future of Work – What’s AI Got to Do With It

This talk explores key aspects of the modern business environment and provides insights into the challenges organizations face in the digital era. It examines the ever-evolving landscape of the “Future of Work” and delves into the pivotal role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays in shaping it.

We will discuss how AI is revolutionizing the workplace by reshaping collaboration, streamlining processes, increasing productivity, and empowering the workforce. We will envision a future where human ingenuity and AI can converge to transform organizational management practices and redefine leadership paradigms.